1. How do I organize a walkthrough of the site??

    You may contact our team here
  2. What is the minimum amount of time I can lease an apartment??

    MHF offers a minimum of one (1) year lease agreement for long lease.
  3. Are pets allowed?

    Due to safety precautions, MHF does not allow pets within the premises.
  4. What are the procedures for moving furniture and items within and outside the premises?

    The Site Facilities Manager is responsible for space planning and manages the coordination of any moving process from initiation to completion with the support of the requester. This includes adequate inventory of items before and after move. The requester is required to endorse inventory.
  5. What safety systems are installed to fight fires?

    All MHF buildings feature fire alarm systems capable of detecting fire at very early stages, firefighting hose reels, and fire extinguishers for use by trained personnel. In addition, other systems such as the public address system and smoke management system are all designed to provide occupants with the safest possible environment.
  6. As a service provider, how do I join MHF vendor pool?

    Send all proposals to
  7. What type of properties do you manage? 

              - Office buildings with floor space from 500 sq. meters and above.

              - Single and multi-story residential properties from 2000 sq. meters and above.

              - Institutional buildings such as schools, religious centers, and public spaces over 2000 sq. meters.

              - Warehouses and storage spaces over 2000 sq. meters.

  8. Can I make cash payment for rent and other charges?

    No, cash will not be accepted at any point in time and for any purpose. All payment are to be made into MHF Properties Ltd designated accounts.

  9. What are my obligation before physical possession of an apartment.

    Ensure the tenancy agreement is reviewed, understood and signed-off; make appropriate payment for rental & other services; carry out joint inspection pre-condition inspection of the flat and sign-off schedule of inventory of the flat, then request for complete sets of key to the apartment.

  10. Is there a specific timeline to make rental and other charges?

    Yes. Rent and other charges shall be paid prior to commencement  of a new lease / tenancy; 30 days prior to renewal of lease and 7-days as at when invoiced is issued for services. Should a resident be late with rental payment, three times within the terms of lease, it shall be grounds for termination of the lease, at the option of MHF Properties Ltd
  11. Can I arbitrarily terminate my lease/tenancy?

    Sixty days' notice is required to be given by either parties, prior to the expiration date of the subsisting tenancy.

  12. Can I pass my un-used tenancy period to another party (sub-let)?

    MHF terms and condition of lease does not allow for sub-letting of its apartment.

  13. Can I reduce term / duration of my lease?

    Sixty days' notice does not automatically release  a resident from the lease obligation during the lease term. If you must move, please immediately contact the lease management for guide.

  14. What are my obligation prior to vacating an apartment?

    Request for reconciliation of service account, clear all outstanding charges and ensure a joint terminal inspection of the apartment is carried out and clean out the flat, its fridge / freezer,  prior to vacating the flats and handover all keys.

  15. How many domestic staff quarters come with a flat?

    Each flat is attached to one (1) domestic staff quarter which can hold up to 2 staff members devoted to the flat.

  16. Who I speak to about interior décor services?

    You may contact our Marketing & Sales team at

  17. Are the apartments solely residential?

    Yes, to ensure the comfort and safety of our tenants, MHF offers solely residential apartments.

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