Our Facilities Management model is designed to create a unique user experience tailored to express the future of services. Our team is groomed to drive excellence and professionalism by ensuring services are now more personalized and clients better engaged with a feeling of fulfilment. Leveraging on the industry’s leading technology, we strive to ensure optimum performance and productivity of assets and physical spaces within our care. We create a positive interaction between people, work processes, and spaces to ensure that your goals are achieved.

Utilizing our collaborative experience in workplace and living space design, we are positioned to sustain luxury residential, commercial, and institutional facilities throughout their lifecycle. In MHF, our Integrated Facilities Management Model operates with best-in-class processes designed to meet five key performance objectives- Quality, Cost effectiveness, Delivery speed, Dependability, and Flexibility.

In ensuring that our facilities management operation is efficient, we are structured into performing the following services:

  • Workplace Management
  • Facilities Services Administration
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Property Services

Workplace Management

This consists of commercial office project management and workplace productivity within the below functions: Space management We perform occupancy planning, space utilization, charge-back, and resource allocation. Project management This includes projects like staff relocation and moves, churn, fit outs and refurbishments, furnishing and interior works. Regulatory audits and compliance Consists of occupational health and safety audits, statutory audits, and regulatory asset improvement planning.

Facilities Services Administration

Our Computer Aided Facility Management system is designed to drive the efficiency of our day to day operations while creating business intelligence for planning and decision making purposes. As part of our facilities services, sustainability management is key to delivering cost-cutting initiatives in energy, waste, and personnel management. MHF desires to see assets perform and be sustained throughout their respective lifecycles. As a result, we develop a cost of ownership model for assets in the respective property under our care. This ensures that the building supports the users’ productivity and clients are informed on asset operations and maintenance, depreciation, disposal and replacement, thereby supporting budgeting and reporting functions.

Supply Chain Management

We utilize global procurement techniques in ensuring the best total value when buying products and/or services, vendor sourcing, contract performance, scorecards, and supplier management. Our clients stand to gain product quality, speed of delivery, and vendor stewardship as a result of our strong process compliance model.

Property Services

Our property services are a combination of soft and hard services management. These include premises grounds maintenance, environment management such as pest control and waste management, building maintenance like equipment servicing, energy management, cleaning services, security management and building condition assessment.

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